Teach Yourself Contortionism in 24 Hours

I checked out Craig Clevenger’s novel Contortionist’s Handbook from the Evanston library. I think I’ll be reading it this weekend. By all accounts, it is a zippy and immersive read. I find it terribly sad that I checked every bookstore around and not one had it in stock. I feel bad for Craig. What would be his royalty on this book, $2 or so? Maybe I’ll drop him an envelope with $2 in the mail.

I’m currently listening to the Chuck Palahniuk interview from KCRW yesterday. My boy JonnyX gave me the captured MP3 from his Radiolover. I set it up on a timer and tried to capture it, but only got the first three minutes (I had previously registered it, so it should have worked.) I think I was having network problems around the same time, so it seems like Radiolover doesn’t recover from transport problems well. I’m thinking about buying the CP novel Diary from Fictionwise. For once, a newish book is available in a reasonably priced electronic edition, not the full cost of the hardcover for a freaking download.

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