Grecian Kitchen

I had lunch at a great place yesterday, the Grecian Kitchen in Evanston, near the corner of Crawford and Dempster. It looks like any nondescript former fast food joint, but for $5.50 plus drink I got a giant gyro plate with big oven roasted potatoes, rice, a big mound of lamb and cucumber salad, and cole slaw on the side. They have pumpkin cheesecake and I would have got some except I was too stuffed, and I’m generally quite an eater. It was so good that I was angling to go back tonight for dinner. I can see this place becoming a frequent lunch spot for me. It’s close enough I could bike to it if I wanted to, and only a few minutes drive. Yum, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The website is not so great, but the food was good, cheap and plentiful.

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