Loving Radiolover with Sound and Spirit

Having plunked down my money for it, I’m really enjoying Radiolover. This morning, I had it record Sound and Spirit for me. With the beauty of highly synchronized clocks, this thing began Right On Time – the first second of my recording is that stentorian dude saying “PRI”. I really enjoy this show, but I have only heard it a handful of times in the last 6 years.

When I was trying to get my radio show rolling, Ellen Kushner helped me out a lot and was very kind to me. I have fond memories of eating beignets with her, Delia Sherman and the membership director of WGBH during the PRPD (public radio program director conference) in 1996. Walking around the conference with my stack of self-dubbed cassettes and self-assembled packets of information, starting a conversation with anyone who would listen, every time she’d walk by I would be in conversation with a PD from Virginia or Maine or Texas, and she’d give me a thumbs up. This conference was the point in my life where I decided I was no longer shy, and the smiles and high signs from Ellen were encouragement in the literal sense of the word. Bless her. She is great, her show is great, her books and stories are great. You should meet her, listen to her, and read her.

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