Conversation of a Thousand Disjointed Whispers

I know that trackbacks are supposed to help with this issue, but is there a good tool for managing which internet “conversations” you are a part of? Not as often as some, but occasionally I’ll leave a comment on someone else’s blog. Is there some simple way to manage all of those? Mostly, what happens is that I’ll browse to an exchange in a blog comment section, say my piece, either check back or not that day, and by the next day I’ve forgotten all about it. Only if people follow links from that converation to my blog and show up in my referer list do I ever even remember I was part of that conversation. This seems like a good opportunity for someone to do some work, bloglines or one of those. Parse out the comments, see when I have left one (via perhaps a reference to my weblog URL in there) and let me know when subsequent posts were made. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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