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Somewhere when I wasn’t noticing, a fair number of folks started reading the RSS feed of this blog. Thank you one and all. For a very long time, it was only me (making sure the feed stays unbroken) and Uzer from Pakistan that aggregated this blog. Whilst quite a dork, I haven’t been dork enough to parse out the logs into unique IPs that access the RSS. By eye, it’s looking like at least 30 or 40 discounting the obvious automated things like Localfeeds and Bloglines. Thank you, one and all, for caring. Little things mean a lot.

It’s taken a while, but I seem to have finally entered the blog Ponzi scheme. It was a big kick the first time I saw myself in the blogroll of someone I don’t know and had never heard of. I’m no “A-list blogger” (how I hate both that term and concept), maybe a “D-list” (F Troop?) but it’s nice to know folks are reading and even citing this humble blog every now and then. I saw the statistics on how many blogs are dropped in the first month, and realized I’ve been doing this approximately every day for 16 months now. I always strive to be better organized and more disciplined, and this blog is a little island of that in my life. Now if I can impose the same on my physical space, I’ll really be getting somewhere.

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