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The other day, I was questioning how lovey-dovey the Jessica Lynch TV movie would be to the current administration. I really shouldn’t have said anything if I hadn’t seen the thing and I don’t know why I did. That puts me in the same bucket as anyone who protests any movie unwatched. Apparently and surprisingly, it was candid and realistic about the war on Iraq. My assumption from the unavoidable NBC promos for it led me astray. I didn’t watch it last night, so I’ll make no more first-person statements about it, but here is what the New York Times said, including the line “What does it say that ‘Saving Jessica Lynch’ is more candid than much of the reportage on the war? “.

Interestingly enough, by looking at Google News, there is very little pickup of the story of Pvt Lynch herself criticizing the military for using her image, even though this thing has been on the AP all weekend. Odd, isn’t it? When her rescue was news, it was covered wall to wall. When she says that she feels she shouldn’t have been used that way practically no news outlets run that story. I’ll be interested to see if or how that changes when her book comes out on Tuesday.

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