For the second time now, I have deleted my in box from the Mac OS X Mail.app. This thing is fine and by and large I have no problems, but it is lousy when it comes to handling multiple personalities. I was unsubscribing from mailing lists on accounts that I don’t check directly but get forwarded. Since you need to have a return address that matched the subscriptions, I created a new account. However, I had to give it the same POP information (I should have put in fake info here) since I didn’t have a separate account for it. This caused problems and when I deleted the mailing list account, it took my inbox with it. Note to self – don’t do this again! Once was bad, and twice was pathetic. A third time would be unbearable. From here on out, if I need to unsubscribe from mailing lists, I’ll do it from mutt on the Linux box where I can tell it whatever return address I want it to have.

I don’t have to freak too badly, as there is archived copies of all mail on the Linux box. The problem isn’t that things disappear, it’s that what disappeared is a few months of rarifying and turning 5000 mails of all sorts into 40 that I cared about. Now I’m taking my 0 count inbox as a challenge. From here forward, I vow to handle, file, respond to if it needs it, every email in the inbox before I go to bed. If it needs a reply and I really can’t get to it today, I’m going to put it into a folder for those things. Every Sunday night, that too must be emptied. This is my vow to myself. I want to stop being at the mercy of piles of boxes and papers in my house, and of piles of email on my computer. I’m going to stop procrasting and get organized. I vow this to myself.

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