80’s Pop Quiz

I found this 80’s music quiz, appropriately enough, on Adam Curry’s blog. I’m sure I heard many of these introduced by him sitting on some cheezy set.

I took it and scored 60.65, which includes a 30% deduction for “being a yuppie”. What? I think I’m getting hammered for being born the year before Woodstock. Oh well, his game, his rules. I got a few of the hard 4 point questions, and blew a few of the easy ones. If you take this, be careful about the plurality, spelling, and things like “you/your”. I missed one that I have never known how to spell, and I was amazed I got so close. I also went 3 for 3 on the bonus questions and aced all Prince questions.

I went back and corrected 3 obvious typos, not changing anything that I missed fair and square even if I was stupid for not getting it, and I scored 62.4. I think that’s pretty darn good.

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