My ceaseless prodding has gotten my partner Darin to not only blog but put his resume up. Darin is the source of most of the cool technical links I blog. He’s the guy who turned me on to Cayenne and then Hibernate, Popfile, Eclipse, JADclipse, Subversion, and any number of highly cool things that I use every day. I’m a great believer in keeping the resume updated even when you don’t think you need it. Especially when you don’t think you need it, because that’s when things are going well and you are doing things worthy of adding to it that you might forget later. Having a resume written and ready is like having the disaster kit. You hope you don’t need it, but the time when you do have to use it is not when you want to be gathering things together. I’m glad to see him do it. There is something odd about having a blog-to-blog exchange with someone that you talk to every work day and most weekends. I’m also happy to be an inspiration. Inspiration is good, inspiration + perspiration > expiration.

He’s also using XMLResume. I think this is a fantastic tool, and I wish it became a defacto standard. Think about how easy it would be to normalize and use automated tools if everyone’s resumes and job listings were in the same XML format. I never made an explicit post about it, but a few days ago I silently added my resume to the top links on the left side, including the XML format. If I’m getting all pundity, I might as well make it easy for those people who might like what I’m saying to find out more about me.

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