Seth Godin on a New Role for Web Designers

I’ve recently started aggregating Seth Godin’s blog. I read Spreading the Idea Virus (or something like that – it was a free download) and kind of like some of his ideas. He seems like a mix of 50% brilliant visionary and 50% full-of-shit snake oil salesman combined such that you’ll never know which part is which. Nonetheless, even the things he says that I find unbelievable are still interesting.

Here is a post he made on possible future roles for the web designers, less as maker of pretty picture and more as a keeper of metrics about what types of advertisements work better than others. I really like his way of focussing on hard-nosed analysis of web adverstising. It affords much better analysis than does print or broadcast ads in that in some situations it is possible to get direct correlations between an ad and the desired result. It’s tougher in the real world, where you either need a coupon or have to ask customers how they found out about you. On the web, it’s simple enough to have a cookie, or even better have special links based on where/what ad they used for direct tracking. Interesting stuff to think about.

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