Spyware, Medicine and Advertising

A while back I blogged about writer Bill Shunn. For whatever reason, I had never read his story that I linked to in that post. Just now I rectified that, reading both his Salon stories, “Strong Medicine” and “Love in the Age of Spyware”. Both are quite good, but the latter is my clear favorite of the two.

I think it was the Salon day pass thing that put me off. I can’t get it to work right on several of my computers, so I had to be at the right computer when I both had the desire to read some fiction and the time to do so. The ad it presented me was for the PBS production of Oklahoma with Hugh Jackman, which airs tonight. This is one of those cases where it is an ad I want to see. I’ve never seen Oklahoma. Maybe growing up in Nebraska and Kansas did that – who wanted to see a musical about a regional rival? I like Jackman as Wolverine and am interested to see him singing and prancing around.This is the ideal. If only all ads were actually ones you wanted to see. I in general don’t like having ads played to me before films in the theater, but I make an exception when I really enjoy them. The “Dirty Dozen on Ice” commercial entertains me enough that I don’t mind seeing it.

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2 thoughts on “Spyware, Medicine and Advertising”

  1. Bill Shunn says:

    Hi, Dave! Glad the day pass thing worked out for you. Very glad. Did you actually watch Oklahoma!?

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Bill,

    With my short attention span and bad memory, by the time it came on I had completely forgotten about it. I’m sure either it will get replayed on PBS over and over or that they’ll put it out on DVD. I would like to see this production sometime. I enjoy Jackman as a badass, it would be fun to see him getting all Robert Preston and Gene Kelley.

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