I just added Google ads into the right side column. I was going to write something justifying it, but I changed my mind. Screw it, I don’t think any of that is necessary. I do have a fairly pricey box that this is hosted on, sublet to a few of my friends as well but still carry a fair amount every month. If I can defray some of that with these ads, fine. If nothing ever happens, I don’t care. I think it is funny that the very first time I looked at the main page, it had two ads relates to “balsa wood airplanes”, I guess because I mentioned that in the post about CJUG a few weeks back. It was different on the recent writeback page. Now I might look around a little, just to see of the different top level categories have dramatically different ads.

This does seem like a fairly sophisticated approach that might actually approach the holy grail of serving people the ads they want to see. There are plenty of things I find out about too late, shows that I would have attended or things I would have bought that I never found out about. If no one ever follows an ad ever, it will still be interesting to see what ads are served out.

UPDATE – After browsing through a number of my category links, it seems to be doing a very good job of presenting ads actually appropriate to the subject matter on that page. I can see for the pages I was getting public service ads, Google is now crawling them. Presumably over time all these ads will be getting better and better. For now, it must just be using whatever it already has in its cache for this site.

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2 thoughts on “Adsense”

  1. I don’t even get to see your google ads i installed pith helmet on my safari browsers and it strips out all banners and ads. Your page looks exactly like it did before, this program is great!

  2. You cost me money!

    Seriously, I didn’t realized that happens but I have not problem with that. It used Javascript to import a file out on a google server, so anyone that has Javascript turned off or a non-Javascript browser like Lynx will also not see them. No biggie. What I like about them so far is that they do seem to match the content of the pages very well. Especially on the writebacks, where it’s one article on usually a fairly focussed subject, the ads seem to match the subject matter most of the time. Same thing for the category pages – go to /arts/music and you get all music ads. Could be much more intrusive and much worse.

    A lot of the ads I see on the main page are for!

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