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From what I’ve been able to tell from my brief time here, Chicagoland residents are completely obsessed with the inclemency of their weather. In August I arrived in Evanston with the moving truck on the hottest day of the year, and even then people were talking about how bad the winter would be. Almost every conversation I’ve had with a neighbor involved winter, and always in the same tone of voice you tell a kid around a campfire about a bogeyman with a hook hand.

I’m expecting the winter to actually not be as bad as the ones I grew up with in Kansas. At the risk of sounding cliche, I actually did walk to school in the snow (but I wasn’t barefoot and there are few hills in NW Kansas.) The last few days have been cold, but last week I went all the way until Friday without ever putting on a coat. At several points, I felt hot and overdressed wearing sweatshirts. If it really does live up to the hype, I’ll eat my words but right now it feels kind of like new resident hazing.

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  1. I currently live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and even to my seasoned roots, I regard Chicago as a cold place. I lived in Gary, Indiana (don’t laugh) for three years between 1962 and 1965, and it was constantly getting frosted and wind-chilled, even though The Steel Town is often 5 degrees warmer than its much-more-successful big neighbor. Sure, it can be mild and even hot, but during the winter, suddenly it was Single-Digit City. Of course, winters vary wildly (1967 was reported to have an average temperature of 49 degrees), so you may be *disappointed*. HA HA.
    Kansas is not THAT cold (although it might not be in rightful relativity compared to Minnesota)

  2. They usually make it seem like it is going to snow like mad, but then its only a few inches. But it is those few times it actually does happen that people remember.

    I think I’ll run out and buy a shovel just in case. 🙂

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