Hibernate book from Manning

It used to be a few years ago that when I needed a programming book, I would go straight for the O’Reilly book. Later, my loyalty shifted to the hard-nosed pragmatism of the Wrox books. Both of these publishers have (had, now that Wrox is out of business) distinctive, well branded books. Either jumped off the shelf as being by their respective publishers, O’Reilly with the cool colors on the spine and the line drawings of animals and Wrox with the bright red spine, yellow letters and pictures of the authors on the front. (A coworker once looked at my copy of the Wrox book PHP Programming and said “There’s a group of guys that need more sex.”) Either way, I liked most books by both publishers, and they were easy to spot in a bookstore.

Now, Wrox is gone and O’Reilly has published so much crap in recent years that my brand loyalty has evaporated. My new publisher of choice is Manning. They too have the distinctive covers, with the Rennaissance figures in costumes on the cover. I really am enjoying the Husted Struts in Action. Now I see that there will be a book on Hibernate written by several of the principles in the project, and it is currently being reviewed on the Server Side. I’m going to be checking it out. I like Hibernate, and am definitely in the market to learn more about it, especially in the form of more learning of best practices. They are on chapter 3 now – I guess they only keep one chapter up at a time. The first two don’t seem that crucial to me, so I need to get this one before it disappears and get plugged in. When this book comes out, it is a must buy for me.

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