Old(ish) Tech

I still have the Apple LaserWriter 16/600 that was the office printer at JStream, the first start up I ever worked for. When I walked in the door in 1998, this thing was the printer. After its assets were bought by Intertrust and offices merged, I ended up taking it to telecommute and have had it ever since. Recently, super-dude Jonny X sent me the transceiver so I could set it up on my network. I had to do some weird stuff to be able to telnet in but once I did it was a breeze to set this thing up. It took nothing to get all the Macs in the house to be able to print, but the Windows boxes were problematic. I broke down and did a web search and turned up a reference on how to use Mac OS X to share printers with Windows 2000 boxes. I never could get the Windows boxes talking directly to the printer, but this is good enough. In the bad old days, it might take weeks of looking through manuals to find answers like this. Praise be to the information superhighway! It makes old tech fun again. With any luck, I’ll get another 10 years out of this printer.

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