Thanksgiving Travel

We considered travelling home for Thanksgiving, but decided against it. The Thanksgiving weekend is always a big pain, I think. It’s nice when everyone is close together, but when you are distant from your people, it’s horrible. The weekend is too short for lots of travel, everyone else in the country is getting on the same plane as you, things just suck. We’re opting to just stay here in Chicago, where we will try to find an Indian restaurant with a Thanksgiving buffet. We had great curried turkey years ago, and have been trying to recapture that experience ever since. Instead of doing a power travel for this weekend, we’re spending extra time over Christmas. For once, we might actually have 10 days or so to do all this stuff. We are always in a rush when we visit anyone because we have many people to see, spread out a lot of territory. For once, we might have a peaceful holiday.

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