The Pause that Depresses

I’ve never smoked, but I’m going through my own habit kick right now – trying to cut back on the amount of Diet Coke I drink. The key moment was last night doing the recycling, when I found three empty 12 pack boxes for the lemon Diet Coke. I’m the only one in this house that drinks the lemon ones, which means I drank those three 12 packs since the last time the recycling was done. I know I drank some of the regular ones too, so I’m consuming 6 or more cans of Diet Coke a day (this doesn’t count what I drink at restuarants, movies, etc.) I drink too much of it.

I’m allowing myself three per day – one in the morning, afternoon and evening. It will be tough. It’s not 9 AM yet and I’m jonesing for one. I’m trying to reach for plain old water when I would go for the Coke. It’s overall better for me, cheaper, keeps the appetite cravings down, etc. Oh, but the Diet Coke is tasty, and one sure would be good right about now….

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4 thoughts on “The Pause that Depresses”

  1. It’s 5 PM, and I haven’t drank any at all. I have had coffee (brew plus an egg nog latte.) Lots of water, no coke. I think I’ll have one with popcorn tonight as we watch The Sopranos. I could do three and still be in my rules, but I think I’ll see if I can limit it to one or two today without freaking out.

  2. I’m (pleasantly) surprised that this wasn’t harder. I’m 8 days in and have not really had the problems I was expecting. I haven’t ever gone over three cans in a day, although I don’t worry about metering it so much in restaurants or movie theaters. I think I have accomplished what I wanted to do – change my default, habitual drink from soda to water.

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