The Studs Terkel talk was pretty good. He just extemporized for about 25 minutes about various topics of today and days past, included some anecdotes in and around the book Hope Dies Last. I just read the foreward and found several of them there. He took questions from the audience for a while and then signed. I bought the new book as well as The Giants of Jazz and got them both signed.

I was a little surprised by the turnout. There were maybe 50 or so people there, which frankly seemed kind of low to me. I don’t know if he does enough events around the city that people are kind of blase about it. When I was a kid I read my grandmother’s copy of Working and was entranced by this person capturing the fascinating essence of the stories of everyday people. I’m glad I had this opportunity to hear and meet the man, even in one of those cattle call signing settings. He seemed like quite a character. I hope he’s with us long enough for me to go to many more.

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