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I saw the reference in Boing Boing to the Exotica album that is released for free on the internet by the Comfort Stand label via a Creative Commons license. I downloaded CD1, track 1 and liked it, so I decided to go for it. I have all the files now and will burn the CDs. I might ever go nuts and print out the inserts and CD labels and stuff, just for fun. I’m missing the color laserjet printer from the main office nowadays. I guess I’ll just do it in glorious black and white. I do believe that I might for fun make a second copy of all of this and send it to WREK to be considered for airplay. Why not?

I like that the MP3 files have the IDV3 tags fully filled out (thank you!) However, whichever dingus submitted this stuff to the CDDB did the lazy man’s job of setting every track to having an artist of “Exotica Mailing List.” I hate when people do that with compilation CDs. Yes, it takes a little more time to actually put in the artists for each cut but it is worth it. In this case, you can just cut and paste them from the web page anyway. I think I’m going to resubmit to the CDDB with the fill artists fields filled out.

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5 thoughts on “Exotica Album”

  1. Aloha!
    I followed a link on the guestbook at comfort stand records and discovered on your page that you played my track just now! That was fun, I am glad you enjoyed the compilation!

  2. Magnus, thanks for leaving a comment! That’s highly cool to be listening to the CD and have the musicians leaving comments nearly simultaneously. I liked your song a lot, and it had that kind of air of finality that closed out the set very nicely. Keep up the good work!

  3. Magnus, thanks for the link. I liked that LP as well. My iTunes overflows with good music, and none of it controlled by the thugs at the RIAA or their member labels.

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