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Band of the Day! I heard this guy earlier today on The World Cafe, with a tune that was striking enough that I backed up iTunes to catch the name of both the song and musician. It was “Down with my Baby” by Kevin Johansen and the Nada. It has these nearly spoken, monotone vocals kind of in the Leonard Cohen mode, and for most of the song this spare distorted guitar. I really dig this song, and once I got the name of the guy I googled to find out more.

Apparently, this guy and his band are really hot stuff in Argentina. His webpage is pretty good, and includes six, count them six, full songs available for download as MP3. They are 96K sample rate, but the full non-excerpted songs. Also, the ID tags are fully filled out! I like this tactic – give away the songs in mid-res – listenable but noticeably lower quality than the CD. That’s a much better tactic than these 30 second clips that give you no feel for the song. On the download page, they have little descriptions of each of the songs, and the one for “Down with My Baby” calls it “Barry White meets Nirvana.” Funny thing, that is really what it sounds like! I say give these guys a listen.

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  1. hey, i live in uruguay (next to argentina) and seen k.johansen many times here. if u like his songs, he sounds better live with the whole band. and if anyone has the chance to download a demo/cover song “hotel california”, do it because its totally worth it. I bought his cd, the nada, in FYI in baltimore (if anyone asks).

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