Elvis Mitchell and The Treatment

Circuitously, I found out from Uppity Negro that Elvis Mitchell hosts a movie radio show on KCRW. I listened to the specific episode that he linked to and now I’m amazed that there is this treasure trove of episodes I can hear, two years worth or so. Wow. I’ve got a lot of listening to do.

As I’ve been talking about RSS, wouldn’t it be cool if KCRW exposed their schedule and/or their archives as an RSS feed? If every show they put into their archives had the same info you see on the web pages in a feed, you could aggregate it and go straight to the shows that sound cool to you. I think there is a lot of room to grow in this direction, and I hope that a few forwarding thinking nerds at some of these stations think about doing it. I made a stab at something similar when as an experiment I made an RSS feed for newly programmed music at WREK. There is no reason why any kind of station information of use to the listeners couldn’t go that way – specials, events, descriptions of upcoming shows. One more step towards the infotopia, I say.

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