Without a doubt, this is the weirdest Band of the Day yet. I stumbled across this by accident on Feedster, it is the Hamburglers. There is an album’s worth of material up there of a hypothetical disk called “Happy Meal”. The description is:

The Hamburglers are an anonymous collective who assembed tracks out of samples from a well known fast food restaurant chain’s motivational campaign from the 70s. The result: a full LP release of banging, outrageous plunderphonica.

Some of this sounds like your typical found sample electronica, and some of it sounds highly experimental like things you hear overnight on WREK. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that there was too little variety in the samples. By track 11, I was getting a little tired of the “You deserve a break today” jingle. Overall though, it is quite good. I suggest downloading it from ASAP, before some large corporation known for clowns and mediocre food gets its collective legal panties in a wad.

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