RSA and the Turing Award

Drs. Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman won the 2002 Turing Award given by the ACM for “Seminal Contributions to the Theory and Practical Applications of Public Key Cryptography”. There is a page that collects together the three lectures they gave as part of the award ceremony. It’s pretty cool as the movie files have the video of them speaking in one corner and their PowerPoint presentation in the other other part of the screen. I’m just watching Shamir right now. Adelman covered the history of cryptography, Rivest talked about the early days of RSA and Shamir spoke on the state of the art in cryptography. I have an interest in crypto and I found this kind of interesting. It’s not that I learned so much from these, because none of this was that technical. It’s just cool to hear these talks from these guys.

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