Age of Bronze

A few weeks ago, I checked out of the library and read Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze. This was really good. I have liked his work since he was an inker on Nexus a long time ago. This graphic novel (A Thousand Ships) was absolutely awesome! I loved it. It covers the lead up to the Trojan War, which I hadn’t realize was a several years process. I’m not the most knowledgable person about ancient Greece, but I found this highly engaging. He made an interesting auctorial choice, in not having any direct intervention of the gods. Where gods interact with humans it is always in the form of visions or dreams, which means that it is conceivable that this is really how it occurred historically. I would highly recommend this book. My only problem with it is that it is going to take at least a decade to finish. I’m too impatient for that!

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