Long Ass Line

Teresa Nielsen-Hayden links to this Quicktime movie of a reeeeeally long line for the opening of the Tokyo Apple Store. I watched it with an eye towards the point where I would have said “Screw it, I don’t care this much” and left. That would have been about 10% into the line. I wouldn’t have queued up behind the cop the first time the line jumped over an intersection.

What I wonder is how much of this is hipster flocking, and how much is committed Japanese Apple devotees? I’d be interested in hearing how many units moved that day as a counterbalancing datum of this huge event. Could all these folks possibly have stacks of yen burning holes in their pockets? I say over and over that I don’t want to buy new Apple stuff, that I do much better buying the used castoffs from early adopters. However, the MacMall catalogs show up here every damn day in XMas season and the TiBooks look so nice and my wife has one for work and I like it so much and I just want one – a nice 1 GHz 15″ TiBook with the DVD burner. Marketing by Pavlov – the startup bell chimes and I drool.

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