Outages and Outrages

My cable modem has been out for about 90 minutes, so I really can’t do a whole lot of my work at the moment. I have been answering emails and queueing them up, even though I can’t send any of them now. I’ll blog what I can without having net access, which probably isn’t that much. That’s a downside of having moved my FeedOnFeeds setup out to my hosting box. It’s on a more stable box and easier to reach from the outside world, but I can no longer reach it when disconnected from the world.

I have fallen off the stick of staying on top of my emails. Although it hasn’t ever approached the dark days of 2000 messages in my box, I’m also not able to keep it around zero either. Really, this hour without net access has been kind of nice in that regard. By replying handling and deleting them just now, I got it down to 15 and the longer I’m off the net, the lower that will go. There was a psychological win when I get it empty enough that the scroll bar thumb went away. So, it looks like unless Comcast gets it together soon I’ll be spending an afternoon keeping in touch with friends and colleagues. There are worse ways to spend the day.

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