Black to the Future

Not my pun, this festival is actually called that. Black to the Future. The website doesn’t have that much info now but promises more soon. What they do have is:

“Black to the Future: A Black Science Fiction Festival will provide a welcome networking opportunity for writers who are currently published, but it would electrify young writers and fans, black and white, who have never considered the degree to which writers of color have been a part of this field,” said science fiction/fantasy writer Tananarive Due. This festival, the first of its kind, will reach fans of literature and film, artists from all genres, youth, as well as drawing in the general public, exposing them to the remarkable contributions that Blacks have made to Science Fiction and creating a sense of community around creative expression.

It has the possibility of being interesting. To me, the more interesting part is the bit about encouraging new black SF writers. Truth be told, other than Newton Streeter, who really is more of a horror writer, I can’t think of a black SF writer not already on the list of participants. That’s awfully sad when the entirety of the field is comprised of five writers, one of whom is really a mystery writer that dabbles in SF. I’d love to see these numbers expand.

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  1. Yikes, I forgot Delany! I also forgot Jewel Gomez. I’ll have to look at the Dark Matter authors. The basic point remains – whether it is 5 out of several hundred or 10 out of several hundred – black folks are not represented in the rolls of SF writers in anywhere near their percentage of the population. I’ve never really understood that. At least in the south, I see black fans all over the place but not too many pros.

  2. I am reading these postings late (posting 12/03), but have you checked out our website for the festival lately? We would love to spawn new writers in the field by this festival. Believe me, it’s amazing what is here already!

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