Virtual Pinball == Productivity Hit

When I saw this article on BoingBoing about MAME style simulator for real Pinball machines I knew I smelled trouble. I joined up, downloaded all the files, installed it, screwed it up, fixed and finally after all sorts of work, was able to play. Ho-Leeeeee Crap! This thing really rocks! It is astonishingly satisfying game play. At first, I figured it would be a pale shadow but it’s a downright fine emulator of the motion and action of a pinball machine – as good as any computer pinball I’ve ever seen. Being able to play my real world favorite games, though, that is the killer part of this app. Theater of Magic, Cyclone, Johnny Mnemonic, how awesome. Johnny Mnemonic and games that have extra buttons I never could get quite right because I don’t know keys correspond to the extra stuff. Still, I’m amazed at how much fun it is. It can’t replace feeling the table shake and the groin bump when the ball’s about to drain, but it’s awfully good. This is yet another thing that will prevent me from being productive in this life.

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