Tonight is the next CJUG meeting in the Loop. After the splendor of the last meeting, this is bound to be a little bit of a come down. Still, I always have fun jumping on the train, riding around, and listening to Java talks in a roomful of geeks. It’s been kind of a breather day for me, since me and the guys on my team worked most of the weekend and until the wee hours last night. Although I’m up and at my desk, I’m kind of zoned and delirious still from lack of sleep. I should probably grab a latte on the way in, just to keep me alert for the talk. This month is two IDE talks, one on OptimalJ and one on Eclipse. Having been converted to Eclipsism at work about 6 months ago, I have to say I really like it. It would take one hell of an IDE to make me shell out cash considering how much I like the free Eclipse.

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