Deus Irae

Here’s one of those weird coincidences. I never knew that Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny had collaborated. The other day at the Evanston Library I passed by the shelves of sale books. I try to resist them, since I’m trying valiantly to reduce the number of paper books I own. However, the paperback of Deus Irae caught my eye. I like both authors individually, didn’t realize this even existed, and thus decided to pick it up.

The day I did that, I subscribed the RSS feed about new things going into the Internet Archive. That turned up this entry, a album produced as a soundtrack to the novel Deus Irae. I downloaded it and listened to some. It is pretty cool, ambient Gregorian chant style music, futuristic and ancient at the same time. I might even actually listen to it as I read the book.

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  1. I’m just finishing to read the book (though translated to russian) and I have to tell you that reading a book with this soundrak can definitly drive you insane. The Music is beautiful, but it’s way too disturbing…

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