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On the Will Eisner mailing list, I saw an announcement of the availability of this long and throrough retrospective article on the career of Mr. Eisner. I’ve only through half of part two, but I’m really enjoying it. Ken Quattro, the author, obviously put a lot into this. I particularly like where he points out the conflicting record on some facts based on other previous articles and interviews. This might become added to the canon of where one learns about the illustrious Mr. Eisner.

As an aside, I should point out that the Will Eisner and Lynda Barry mailing lists, of all the many I have experienced, are the two most pleasant, least acrimonious, and most all around fun. Seldom if ever is a harsh word exchanged. The Eisner one has the bonus of having Will Eisner himself as a member, although his interaction is limited of very short messages, all in caps. I kind of like it, it feels like getting a telegram from him.

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