Bush Tax

Here is some highly sensible memecrafting from the Howard Dean campaign. They have created BushTax.com with information about how the tax cuts for the wealthy cost all of us more money than the piddling $600 checks we were cut. They recraft this as the “Bush Tax”, which they describe as:

Rather than take responsibility for our common future, Bush has shifted costs to states and communities , who then pass them on to you. That’s the Bush Tax.

Across the country, people are seeing their property taxes skyrocket . That’s the Bush Tax.

State college tuition at 4-year schools has increased this year by an average of $579 nationwide . That’s the Bush Tax.

States and local government have cut vital services. That’s the Bush Tax.

We’re all having to pay more for less . That’s the Bush Tax.

Right on! I’m glad to see them tackling this issue head on. I really think the Dean campaign is doing a lot right, and 11 months before the election are organized, energized and getting it done.

Link via Kathryn Cramer.

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