Kid Fears

Via this post on the Paul Melancon weblog is a link to an MP3 of a live version of the Indigo Girls doing “Kid Fears” with Paul singing the Michael Stipe part. In the surrounding post, you can read Paul full of self-doubt. Dear lord I hurt for this boy. He’s so good, he recorded my favorite album of 2002 and yet he always is on the edge of it falling apart. Do yourself, me and Paul a favor and buy his album Camera Obscura. My money back guarantee remains in effect. If you buy it and don’t love this album, I will buy it back from you. Seriously. It’s that good and I’m that confident.

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3 thoughts on “Kid Fears”

  1. I’ve been inside the camera obscura pictured on the cover of that album (San Franscisco). It was actually a major target of our trip out there a few years back. There was an amazing arcade of olde tyme coin-op games in the building next door, but I think that’s gone now.

    I’ll buy the album since you recommend it so highly. It doesn’t sound like my kind of thing, but if I don’t like it my girlfriend probably will. She tends more to the indie-pop / songwriter stuff than I do (e.g. Lambchop).

  2. That’s pretty cool. Where in SF was it? I didn’t realize all that stuff was real. I thought he either fabricated it or used found art. He’s a graphic designer in his civilian life, and I think he did all the sleeve and CD design.

    It’s probably a little bit more poppish than typical for you, but there’s a LOT to like about this album. For one thing, all the peppy sounding songs are actually about defeat and loss and all the slow dirgelike ballads are about strength and growing. “King Sham” and “Jeff Lynne” are what you would hear on hit radio if it didn’t suck. They have all the good catchiness of solid pop without the predictability and mind-numbing cliche. I’ve listened to this album maybe 30 times in the last year and I’m just getting warmed up on it.

    D was a high school friend of his, which is how I started listening to him, but I think I’m at least as much into his music than she is if not more.

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