Bird Feeders

If I couldn’t tell in a thousand other ways that I’m getting older, here’s a telltale sign – I have grown fascinated with bird watching. We have a bird feeder that I tried a few abortive ways of setting up. The pole in the ground kept getting knocked over by squirrels, and the dangling via twine didn’t work because the squirrels chewed through it. Now it is hanging via metal wire, and from a tree that makes it harder (but not impossible) for the squirrels to get to it. I’ve seen a few attempts that consist of a long jump, a paw on the bird feeder, a scatter of seeds and a squirrel hitting the ground ass over tea kettle. I don’t mind the squirrels eating their share, just not hogging it all. Really, the birds are sloppy enough that they knock plenty on the ground anyway.

I don’t know that much about birds, other than I really like these beautiful red cardinals that are now hanging out in the backyard. At the point where I buy a book to identify these birds, then I guess I’ll offficially become a budding old man. I don’t plan on hiking to them, though. I’m happy sitting here in my home office, with a desk placed strategically so that I’m looking right at them all day.

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One thought on “Bird Feeders”

  1. Darin Buck says:

    We’ve got one of these outside of our sunroom window, and the squirrels only need to get zapped once to learn their lesson. Worth every penny. Too bad I can’t apply one to my chair at work to shock people tapping me on the shoulder.



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