Diebold Monkeyshines in California

In every county that used Diebold voting machines in the most recent California election, there were unqualified machines collecting votes.

Marc Carrel, assistant secretary of state for policy and planning, said he was “disgusted” by the situation and worried that it could call into question any close races that might have occurred in three counties that used federally unqualified software.

“The vendor may not understand that we run elections in the state. We set the standards for certification … and that’s our role. Ignoring that role is serious. And I’m frustrated … that we’re not going further today,” he said. “There certainly needs to be something done to this vendor.”

In another story, there are five convicted felons in management positions at a Diebold subsidiary that creates touch-screen voting systems.

In yet another story at Abusable Technologies is a post about Maryland’s third party audit on Electronic Voting Security.

To quote the SAIC report, “[t]he system, as implemented in policy, procedure, and technology, is at high risk of compromise.” Despite the problems identified in the Hopkins/Rice and SAIC reports, Maryland is still planning to proceed with the 55.6 million dollar purchase of Diebold AccuVote-TS voting terminals.

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