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After a disinformation campaign that led me to believe I wouldn’t be getting one, my wife did get me the digital camera for XMas. I’m in the post-holiday playing with it phase but I am really enjoying this thing. It’s a Kodak EasyShare CX4310, a great starter digital camera. It was not expensive but has 3.2 MP, all of the basic features and thus far seems to work perfectly. We’ve synced it to two different Macs using iPhoto and the process was completely transparent. There was no installation of software, no setup, just plugging the cable and hitting “Import”. I really like that. We’re going to try the experiment of printing a photo at a kiosk from the memory card. All in all, it just makes me want to snap photos all day.

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  1. Bruce Baugh says:

    Hey, congratulations on the new camera. I love mine. And since I’m not shooting through film, I do take enough pictures to actually get better, a bit. 🙂

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