My brother got me a great gift for XMas this year, the DVD of the George Romero movie Knightriders. This movie is not a great film, but it is my favorite movie of all time. Years ago, my father and I started watching this movie on HBO after midnight services on XMas eve, not knowing that it was over 2 hours long. Staying up with my dad until 3 AM watching this movie of redemption and of finding ones place in this world is one of my warmest holiday memories. As much as anything, that experience is why I love this movie so much. Plus, it’s got dudes on motorcycles jousting!

The DVD edition has lots of extras, which I can barely wait to dive into. There is a director’s commentary, actor’s commentary, home movies shot during the filming and other stuff. I’m glad of all that. This really is a special and sweet film. The badass biker shenanigans serve to dress up a very moral and touching tale. This is a fine XMas present for me, not expensive but something great for me.

Update: Here is a link to a review of the DVD. I forgot to mention in my original post that I once met Tom Savini at an SF convention. I told him this movie is my favorite, and he was a complete dick about it, replying coldly “Well, I’ve made a lot of movies since then.” Well, fuck off dude. I’m very sorry that your role as Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn did not affect me as much as this movie. We’ll all get over it.

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One thought on “Knightriders”

  1. Bill says:

    I also encountered “Mister” Savini once and he displayed an attitude much like the one you experienced. I had seen him on a talk show or two over the years and he came across as a decent kinda guy. When we met I told him that I admired his work and considered him to be one of Hollywood’s most versatile people (acting, stunting, etc). His reply was: “Compliments mean nothing to me”.

    Damn. I did not exactly annoint him as a deity….I just expressed my respects. Seems as though he is a bit full of himself – and cranky to boot. Nice job Tom!!

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