Free High Speed Internet

These four words have become our differentiators on hotel stays. All things being equal, we look for the ones with free internet. I’m suspecting that all new hotels from here on out will either have ethernet ports wired in or have complete wireless coverage in all rooms, and that older ones will be retrofit. We might never use our free PeoplePC dialup account again. Now that Days Inns and Sleep Inns and other lower midlevel chains have it, that’s what we look for. All we want is a decent, clean room with free internet connections in a place that takes dogs. Do that, and we are yours.

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2 thoughts on “Free High Speed Internet”

  1. I discovered this myself for the first time last weekend. We drove back from Philadelphia (supposed to fly, long horrible story) and around 11:15pm in NC I saw a motel billboard that read “Free DSL”. Not free high speed internet — free DSL. Hmmm.

    We checked in there (I refrained from telling the GF why I’d selected that motel) and when we got to the room I found an RJ-45 Ethernet jack labeled “Free DSL”. Ooookay …

    Maybe they had a coffee machine labeled “free espresso”?

    Anyway, that certainly will differentiate it for me. HBO? Pool? Whatever. Gimme that hot megabit action.

  2. It’s weird, because even when I barely use it (if I have the laptop with me I ALWAYS use it at least a little to check mail) having the high speed connection is a comfort. Suppose you want to look up some large PDF map or find a pizza joint in this unfamiliar place. Having a good internet connection is like a safety line back into the infosphere. Where we stopped Monday night, all the newly built hotels had the “free high speed internet” signs out. How much could this possibly add to the cost of a new hotel to wire in ports in the room and throw a router in the basement – a few grand on top of a couple of million?

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