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I created a new category in the blog, and from now on I’ll be taking the lead from people like Bruce and posting about my fitness. Looking at the XMas photos after the fact, I’m so heavy in them that it makes me sick. I’m about to outgrow my size 38 pants, and I have told myself that is the limit. No way am I going up to 40, so I need to lighten up or else never fit in my clothes again.

I haven’t weighed myself in the last month or two, but I was in the mid 230’s last time I did. When I moved from Portland to Atlanta in 2000 I was at around 215. The best shape of my adult life was when I was in college, when I was down around 165-170 and muscular. Since then, I’ve been creeping up ever since. During grad school, I was over 200 but through lots of working out and diet got down to around 190. Now it is time to once again get on the stick.

I still have some sweets and cookies that we carried back from the holidays. I’m going to eat those with abandon, and when they are gone that’s it. One way or another, I’m going to start eating better and excercising more. I’m in such poor shape that I’m huffing and puffing after doing the most minor exertions. I’ll look around at my gym options, and at the very least begin doing some stuff in the house with the rubber band excercise set that I’ve never really used. I’m going to set a goal of losing 5 pounds a month between January 1 and June 1. Once I get that far, I’ll reevaluate and see where I stand. I should post my progress (or lack thereof) here at least weekly. Feel free to leave feedback, encouragement or brickbats. Wish me luck or even better, discipline and hard work.

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  1. commented in the wrong place here…
    sounds like a good plan, i will work on matching your losses over here in portland. Once im done being sick then it starts.

  2. Count me in too, dude. As rough as we both had it in our little hour or so of exertion with the patio shows just how badly a little exercise and diet is needed. I’m probably at about 205 to 210 range (just guessing but I will weigh myself in the work gym on Fri). I’ve been told that the “ideal” weight for someone my height is 180. I think I look scrawny at 180 but I also think that about 190 is a good place for me.

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