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Timely post alert! The Underground Recordings episode for January 1, 2004 is that of legendary Atlanta funk-rock band Follow For Now! You can hear it at 8 PM EST at 91.1 FM in Atlanta, hear it streamed at WREK’s website or hear it via the archive from 9:05 PM EST on January 1 until 8 PM EST on January 8th.

I’ve written about Dave Ryan Harris in here before. I was a huge FFN fan in the day. I hosted their first appearance on Live@WREK (until I hear this, I won’t know if I was the host or not), I talked my fraternity into booking them, I bootlegged their shows. At one point, I tried to get entrepeneurial and be their sub-licensed t-shirt guy but after a week or two of trying to get them all together to talk to them at once, I decided that it might make my life too complicated to get into business with the guys. Regardless, I loved their music and still listen to the boots and their one recorded CD every so often. This will definitely be worth a listen.

Update: WREK’s AudioVault ate the file, so the show did not air tonight. All the links above remain correct, but move the dates back one week. I’ll post again when the show actually airs.

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  1. hey man, just saw the post about follow for now. i did a search for the band on goole tonight because i just found my ffn cd i bought at “city stages” in birmingham in ’91 or ’92. these guys rock. still one of my most favoriteness’.

  2. JB, I have no idea. It’s a 15 year old album, so I don’t know the state of the rights to a digital version or even what record company owns the rights now. You might could follow the David Ryan Harris link above and ask him.

  3. I happened to run across your follow for now post. do you have a copy of their bootleg stuff?Does anyone? I would definitely do anything to get my hands on some of their live stuff. unfortunately I missed their live stuff but have their studio CD which i heard was toned down. I would definitely compensate anyone for a full length bootleg .

  4. I remember seeing these guys live several times & they rocked! I would “do things” to get copies of any live shows if available.

  5. Man, I loved FFN!!! I saw them at least a dozen times live. To this day, they are the best live show I’ve ever seen. I saw them open for Pearl Jam in Athens, and they blew Pearl Jam away. I was devastated when they broke up. I don’t know if they just missed their window, but what a loss for music fans!!! I have the one CD they recorded, and I still listen to it here and there. I’d do anything to get some of their live music. Songs that they did not record like “Too Cold” were just incredible songs.

  6. Where can i get The FFN cd? download links plz? thanks.
    send me an email. you send or something.

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