I saw a reference to Furl on one of my Localfeeds blogs and I went to check it out. In theory, it sounds awesome. It is an online filing cabinet for URLs, and it allows you to do textual searches across all of them. All good, this sounds like something I’d like to use. I created an account with my standard username and a fairly decent password. It rejected it for two reasons:

  1. My username was not between 4 and 10 characters
  2. My password contained “disallowed characters” (ie, punctuation; ie the stuff that makes passwords better)

Even though this service looks good, that’s enough to send me away forever. I have learned to loathe services that require me to weaken passwords to only alphanumeric characters or even worse, only letters. What exactly is the reasoning behind that? An 11 character username is not allowed? Plenty of people use their names or variations on their names as usernames and are way more than 10 characters. Seems ridiculous to me. So, Furl might be awesome but I won’t know because just creating the account put me off them.

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