It Begins

In a way, I wish I wasn’t getting serious about fitness right at the new year. That has the stink of a resolution that will soon be abandoned. That’s not how I feel. I’m getting back in slowly, with the intent of staying in for a long long time.

I don’t have any explicit plan for right now, other than I’m going to stop eating cookies, candy and other snacks without limit. That era ended at midnight last night. I might do sometime very much like Body For Life. I’ve been on this plan before and found it effective and not hard to stick to. It’s not extreme about eating only meat, but it does reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates. It focuses on portion control, keeping meals balanced, carbs low, banishing empty calories, and mixing this all in with a sensible excercise regimen. Even the excercise is balanced, with alternating days of cardio and weightlifting. Of all the things folks are doing to lose weight and get fit, this is the one that makes the most sense to me. You don’t start out in a phase that you can’t maintain forever (like the Atkins no carbs whatsoever beginning phase). Everything about it (even the name) is focused on you doing this every day of your life.

I also need to find out about gyms. I will do a light workout today with the rubberbands, just to get my muscles stretched and myself doing those motions again. In the next week, I’d like to be in a gym and working out with machines but if not, I’ll continue with the rubber bands. I’m off to the races. Next stop, a healthier me.

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