Train in Vain

The second XMas of our married lives, which was the first non-broke-student XMas of our married lives, my wife bought me a train set. I always wanted one as a kid and never got one, so she bought me one. At various points since then, it has been set up but mostly it has been boxed in houses with no good place for it. Today we had to tidy the joint to allow a maid service to clean and voila – my basement office suddenly had a huge open space in it. As I type, I have the minimal oval set up with the minimum respectable train (locomotive + caboose) circling in it. I don’t know why I find this so comforting, but it makes me happy to see it going round and round. I might need to scare up some more Bachman EZ Track, since I only have enough curved pieces to make one loop. I can extend it since I have lots of straight, but I can’t get tricky with curving.

The trick for me is moderating my newly rekindled enthusiasm for the train set. I’m so obsessive-compulsive that I can never just do a little of something. I must resist going nuts and spending lots of time on the train that 3 hours ago was in a box. If I can keep it to just a little thing I play with while I’m in the office, that’s good. The last thing in the world I need is one more time and money consuming pastime.

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