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In an odd coincidence, the day after I set up my old train set, we met friends down at the Navy Pier. Up in the “Winter Wonderfest” was a neat train setup, including some replica Metra trains and a replica of the Chicago skyline. Near this setup was a giveway table with brochures for MTH Trains and free copies of a magazine dedicated to the proposition that model railroading is “the Greatest Hobby”. I signed up for drawings to win stuff and carried off one of every brochure that was there.

Now what I really want is to get me one of the Metra locomotives and double decker passenger cars. The one they had running looked great. Just seeing it go by gave me that sinking “I’m late for my train” feeling, like I should start sprinting!

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  1. Dave says:

    Hmmm, that picure looked fine in iPhoto on the Mac but it is really dark and orange on here. I need to lear more about working with these pictures, methinks.

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