MIME Types in Mac OS X and Safari

A question for the aether: How the hell do I add MIME type mappings to Safari and/or Mac OS X? When I click on .m3u files, it always downloads the file. I’d rather that be opened with iTunes. In the old days, there was the nice Internet Config control panel where you could go and work with the mappings. I have been hunting for the equivalent on OS X and have thus far been stumped. Am I adding a mapping for Safari, for the OS, for both? I just want iTunes to automatically handle these files, and I need help.

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  1. have you checked under the itunes preferences under the general pane there is some text that says use itunes for internet music playback, with a set button next to it. Maybe that will make it work?

  2. I tried that, and it said it was setting it but afterwards there was no change. The same thing happens, just downloading the .m3u file.

  3. Download the freeware MisFox from VersionTracker or similar. It lets you define new MIME types and helper applications for Safari.

  4. Safari uses the Launch Services API for this purpose, the OS X replacement for this part of the Internet Config. API, and also the same database used by the Finder when it handles file extensions and MIME types.

    RCDefaultApp is freeware that allows you to modify this info via system preferences… http://www.rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/

  5. Thanks for the link to RCDefaultApp! I’ve been trying to get Safari to recognize Citrix ICA connections and could’nt figure out how to edit MIME types for the life of me!

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