A Reality Show That Doesn’t Suck

More and more, the reality shows seem to be dragging the bottom of the barrel. The genre that needs to be retired is the compete-to-marry-some-schmuck, especially the ones with some wacky twist. Tonight, though, we watched one that was kind of interesting, Airline. The young lady Yolanda, whose title seems to be “placater of pissed off people” has a hard job, that’s for sure. I’ve been the angry flyer myself a few times, but watching this show gave me a new appreciation for the crap airline employees deal with. One family had this really big 18 month old baby that looked to me like could plausibly be over 2 years old. 2 years and under fly free, but they had no documentation that the baby was under 2 and I wouldn’t have let them skate on it either. As I get older, my tolerance for assholes diminishes every day. I’m glad I don’t have their jobs I’m also glad I wasn’t on the flight with the “wacky flight attendants”. I would have appealled to the captain to give me a parachute and let me bail in Colorado to get the hell away from them.

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