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It’s weird, because for a while now I’ve been in a great mood and really happy. Pretty much since the beginning of my time off in December I have felt great. Despite that, most of my blog entries lately have been negative in some way, and this one keeps the pattern. I don’t know why this is, but it is.

If I were one of the moderators of Boing Boing, I’m sure after a while my obsessions would slowly become apparent and would eventually get on people’s nerves. As I aggregate and now read every single BoingBoing post, there are two recurring themes in Cory Doctorow’s missives that are bugging me and that I’ve had enough of: Disney and Cory Doctorow. I say this as a big fan of Cory’s writing, since back when all I knew of him were his stories in the late lamented Science Fiction Age, “Craphound” (from which he named his domain) being my favorite of those. I’ve just grown weary of a post or three every day from him about him. I haven’t done a count to see if there are actually that many, but it feels like that many. I read and enjoyed Down and Out, I read most of his work, I’ll buy his collection. Enough already, let up on us a little, big man! We’ve got it – your work is good and its out there. Check, may we move on now please? In general I don’t mind self-promotion and have spent significant time talking shy writer friends into doing more, but at some point it crosses a tackiness line and you become like the person at the cocktail party that talks about themselves to the point of the discomfort of others.

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