The Apprentice

We watched The Apprentice last night (honestly, if it was up to me we’d never watch any of these reality show) and I thought it was ho-hum, yet another of the same Mark Burnett crappy shows, with a cookie cutter weekly attrition. Yawn. Burnett is grossly rich, very successfully and the guy has exactly one idea – but it is an idea that American’s can’t seem to get enough of. It’s more or less exactly the same formula as all of these where Donald Trump is Jeff Probst, the island is Manhattan, and rather than bikinis the contestants wear Armani and Prada.

I said to my wife that for my entire career, the marketing weasels and sales people have always made my life harder and often were willing to subvert or hurt the goals of the company to meet their own goals. Why exactly do I want to spend a good hour of my week watching the efforts of people exactly like these assholes that complicate my life? The only part I liked was at the very end, when they met with Trump and I got to watch him bust their balls, yelling at them and freaking them out. I found there to be three good minutes in the first episode and I expect that to be consistent. I’ll do my best to tune it out until then.

For the record, I am absolutely sick of these shows about whiny horrible people, shows where people are eliminated one by one, shows where people are forced to endure humiliation for some payoff and/or lied to about the premise of the show. I’m doing more pleasure reading than I have in a long time, and reality TV is why.

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