I saw on Joi Ito’s blog that ecto is now in open beta. I downloaded it, looked at all the blogs it supports and oddly enough, blosxom is not one. I wonder why not? It’s highly simple compared to some of the ones it does support. The categories are in a file structure that matches their tree. The end. I wonder if support for this is upcoming? Blapp is ok, but it has some very odd slowdowns, like right when you save a post or open an old one for editing. Sometimes it feels like 15 seconds or so before it gives you back control. After 6 months of using it, that has gotten irksome enough that I’m considering alternatives. I could just write in any word processor, but I do like something that manages the blog elements, knowing what posts were when, even though they are spread across subfolders. Even better, maybe the Blapp authors will optimize out these weird slowdowns and I can just keep using it.

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