Sterling on the Radio

I listened to the Bruce Sterling interview from Massive Change radio. By and large it was a pretty good one. I had flashbacks of my interview with him, which was great but challenging. Listening to him drawl out his wisecracks is funnier when you’re not the one tasked with keeping the conversation on point. The weak point was that the interviewer was of the highly prepared but not-so-engaged ilk. She had her list of questions, and she stuck to it. I don’t blame her, I’ve been there myself, and had to learn the hard way how limiting those lists of questions are. My suggestions to you young interviewers – prepare your ass off, make the list of questions, and then lay it face down while you do the interview. If you really get stuck and can’t think of where to go, flip it over and find a question. Even better, know vaguely where you want to go and when you hear interesting things follow up on those. It’s harder, but you get better interviews. The real gems don’t come from the lists of questions, they come from digging deep into what the subject is saying.

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